By the time I was in my early teens, I was finally comfortable enough to “come out of the refrigerator” as a vegan, a personal truth I struggled with since early childhood. While I was often labeled as a picky or difficult eater, the correlation soon became clear: the only foods I didn’t enjoy eating were once animals or their byproducts.

With limited vegan food options in my hometown, I began working at a local health food co-op during college in order to feed and educate myself about the healthiest vegan options available.

Trading in academic pursuits of a career in journalism, I immersed myself into the vastly expanding natural foods industry, which exposed me to a world of new nutritious tastes, alternative healing modalities, cultural practices, and traditions. I never looked back.

I first set foot in a Whole Foods Market in 1999 in Southern California. Hailing from Western Pennsylvania where the small local co-op was the only option for health seekers, I couldn’t believe my eyes as I strolled through the store’s massive offerings. But while I could hardly believe my eyes, I also knew the time had come–that we all know in our hearts that we can do better, and that we can direct our food system toward a more values-oriented way, both for our people and our planet.

It became clear to me that working for a better food system was my calling. I spent more than a decade as a sales and marketing manager at a leading natural foods brokerage team working with some of the biggest organic and natural household name brands including: Clif Bar, Yogi Tea, Peace Cereal, Guayaki, Boca Burgers, Tofurky, Traditional Medicinals, Earth Friendly, Ecco Bella, Organic Valley, Sunfood Nutrition, and Sambazon.

These days as a freelance journalist and marketing specialist primarily focused on the organic and natural industries, I am happily bridging my love for changing the food system with my lifelong passion for writing and connecting people in their shared values.

My writing regularly appears on Organic Authority, EcoSalon, SheKnows, Eat Drink Better, and E-ecosphere. And you can also find me behind the scenes developing unique online marketing campaigns and building social communities for emergent brands in the natural space.

But before my love for food and writing, there was a love for music. I’ve been reviewing and writing about music longer than I’ve been writing about food (especially if you count my middle school newspaper stories about Duran Duran). My album liner notes, record reviews, and photographs of musicians have been featured on MTV IggyThe Village Voice, and Global Rhythm, and my top album picks appear in the Village Voice’s annual Pazz and Jop poll.

For samples of my work, please click here.

Stay in touch with me on Twitter @jillettinger  and Instagram @jill_ettinger

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Focus: food industry and policy, organic and natural food, animal welfare issues. Need unique blog content? A press release? Packaging and product copy? Or looking to boost your social engagement? Let me know how I can help you: jill (at) jill ettinger (dot) com


>Senior editor and a contributing columnist for sister sites Organic Authority and EcoSalon.

>Site director for Eat Drink Better, an Important Media site.

>Managing editor and contributing writer, Naturally Savvy.

>Featured writings and photographs on: The Huffington Post, Reality Sandwich, MTV Iggy, The Village Voice and Global Rhythm.

>Published in the anthologies “Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age” (2009 Tarcher/Penguin) and “What Do You Believe?” (2009 Outside the Box).


Jill is available for:

>Creating unique web content, blogs, e-newsletters, social media campaigns, press releases, product copy and packaging, advertising, promotional materials, white papers, manuals, marketing plans, and more.

> Specialty Tools: branding and identity, conceptualization inquiries, interviews and brainstorming, evaluative research, generative research, marketing strategies for print, media, Web and beyond.

> Specialty Knowledge: natural and organic foods industry, vegan and vegetarian diets, GMOs, agriculture, food regulations, climate issues.

> Extensive experience with social media client management and analytics, online publication applications including WordPress, Joomla, Agility, mail clients.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Looking to boost your digital reach? Let me help you grow your online audience naturally, through developing an online relationship between your brand and people who have shared values and interests.

Services > Social media client management supported by unique web content, company blogs, e-newsletters, social media campaigns, analytics, reporting, and strategy.

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